i love

Most days you can find me in our apartment editing images with a homemade iced vanilla latte in my reach and a volcano candle lit in the living room. If I’m not home, I’m on a “coffee date” with Chase at our favorite shop in Houston Heights. We consider ourselves coffee connoisseurs!

When I'm not busy with photography I may be 45 min away at my parents home visiting our small, close-knit family. It is likely I'll drive my special needs sister, Jillian, to Chick-fil-A and jam to one of her favorites- "Party in the USA". Our family is tight, and I largely think it's because of sweet Jillian! 

Other things I like to do in my down time include:
- smother my labradoodle, Pippin, with love
- tackle word searches (trying to beat my average time of 7 min)
- rewatch "The Office" or "Great British Baking Show"

i'm jordan


European travels

listening to 70s music


fall scented candles

iced lattes

quiet time with Jesus

Chase and I grew up in the same town and attended the same high school, but we never spoke a word to each other until junior year at Texas A&M. We met at the first football game of the season. I didn't learn until later in our relationship that he called me his "future wife" to his friend that day- and that was BEFORE we met! A year later we were engaged and a year after that we were married in 2016.

Chase is a jack of all trades- including being my personal hair stylist! Seriously, there's nothing he can't do. His voice is perfect for country songs and he has a heart that runs toward the Lord. A VERY attractive quality for me.

He's my best friend and now my second shooter and fellow business partner. He is my go-to for all things tech and business related, and he is talented with the camera. His support is just everything to me. When you meet him,  you'll see that everything I said is true!

together, we make the dream team for our clients

Meet Chase